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I must have Drunk too much Ambrosial Wine

I must have drunk too much ambrosial wine
and fallen fast asleep, I must have dreamed:
I walked among the clouds, God at my side
an angel led with a lantern like a star
and all the world was dark beneath my feet.

Heaven was cold and void, an empty chapel
that carried our footsteps through its
vacant corridors, our voices echoed like
the thousand ghosts that came for mass.
The organ played itself, the windows smoked
with incense as prayers rise from purgatory;
It was a requiem for my soul, God said.

I heard the music rise serpentine
from the depths of silence
and tickle the tongues of all the bells,
the brass sang with the voices of angels,
the stained glass choirs themselves rejoiced
as all the world that slept beneath my feet
ere this drear night was over leapt awake
with ejaculations, in a language I do not understand.
The lamp beside my bed was bright as day,
God enthroned was captured in a little wooden frame,
the window was open, the wind was grieving
when morning came.

~ Thursday, April 02, 2015

© 2024 William Saint George