W.S. George
writer composer

On Contemplating the News of a Friend’s Death

Cheryl overheard it first,
but thought it unlikely
that the poor girl,
whose name was passed round the office floor
for the collection of sympathies
was you, and so
she texted me. But my phone
was in my back pocket. Silent.

I replied four hours later.

Cheryl was not sure
how to break the news
when she made certain
that the poor girl,
whose life was summed
as “one more victim"
of Korle Bu’s cold concern
was you, so she teased me until I,
impatient as I since have not been,
texted you for answers.

You have not replied.

You are decaying in a coffin
in a place I do not know,
keeping those answers
because I was four weeks late.

~ Sunday, January 15, 2017

© 2023 William Saint George